Our Website Launch

On April 24th 2013, Kristin Hadfield honoured us by launching our school website.  Kristin, a Canadian, was then studying for a PhD in Trinity College, Dublin. Kristin is a psychologist who has an interest in children, families and how people get along together. She is currently assistant professor at Trinity College who studies child wellbeing, resilience and family relationships. High flying in her own right, Kristin is the daughter of Commander Chris Hadfield, the man who had the world’s best view of our planet at the time.  Known as the tweeting astronaut, Commander Hadfield was living aboard the International Space Station one hundred and twenty miles above earth. We like to reach for the stars here at the Sacred Heart School but Commander Hadfield had a much better chance of actually reaching out and touching one! We were privileged and humbled that Kristin took time out from her busy schedule to perform our launch. We thank her to the moon and back for visiting us and telling us about herself, her Dad and life in space.  Míle Buíochas Kristin!