Social Awareness


Our school is part of the network of Sacred Heart Schools, the schools in our network share a common ethos. This ethos promotes Intellect, Character, Faith, Social Awareness and Community. Each year we choose one of these cornerstones of Sacred Heart Education to study, reflect on and promote. This year our theme or cornerstone is Social Awareness, Ms Hogan is our Goals Co-ordinator this year and she will lead our engagement with the Goal. During the year we will consider all the elements of Intellect and how we use them. We will promote Intellect throughout the school and the wider community.  
We will share our ideas and thoughts with the school communities in the schools we network with. These schools are Mount Anville Montessori School, St Joseph’s Primary School in Aberdeen, St Julien’s Primary and Secondary School in Malta, Kilgraston School in Perthshire and Mount St Catherine’s Schools in Armagh.  Our co-ordinator Ms Hogan will liaise with the co-ordinators from these schools to facilitate the collaborative approach to learning and promoting our shared ethos and our theme of Social Awareness. Likewise, Mrs Sutton and Ms Carey will meet Heads and Deputies from our fellow Sacred Heart Schools to network and share practice.
If you would like to see more about our partner schools and our common ethos please click here