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Green Flags

Here at the Sacred Heart Primary School we have a very strong commitment to sustainable living. We have six green flags, something we are really proud of. They are for conservation in the areas of Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel, the study of Biodiversity and Global Citizenship Litter and Waste. Respect for the world we live in, our environment and our natural resources is a priority for all of our school community.
We work towards Partnership, Participation, Progress and in doing so we consider that we are both local and global, we are citizens of an ever changing world. In order to further our citizenship and as part of our ethos studies we are familiarising ourselves with the Global Goals. These goals set out by the United Nations aim to improve the Earth’s environment and, as a result, the lives of everyone who share it. We are for people and planet, we are for Global Goals.
We were awarded our first Green Flag back in 2005 and our latest Green Flag in 2020. Our green journey has spanned more than 15 years. We hope you will follow our journey by keeping up to date with what we are doing here, on our twitter account  and on our Instagram sacredheartroscrea. Although covid19 has been challenging for everyone, we aim to keep up our dedication to the environment, our future depends on it.

Here are our pupil members of the last Green Schools Committee.  

Some of our senior classes learned about the Worlds Largest Lesson. They watched the following clips, one from Malala introducing the World's Largest Lesson, here - and an introduction from Emma Watson and Sir Ken Robinson please, have a look - We hope you take the time to look at them too.

Did you know that Pope Francis is an environmentalist? In his encyclical, Laudato Si' "On Care For Our Common Home" he told us that we have made a pile of filth out of the Earth. He didn't hold back there did he?  He told us to put on our boots and work to improve the planet. The effects of our abuse of the Earth, he said, are having a terrible effect on the people of the planet, especially the poor. He has instructed us to "Heed the cry of the Earth and heed the cry of the poor." So that is what we are about and that is why being a Green School is part of our Ethos as a Catholic School and a Sacred Heart School.

You can watch Laudato Si' here,
we used it as our starting point to give us a framework for our planning and our work.

During our meetings of the Green Schools' Committee in November the children discussed COP23. Here's a link to inform you about COP 23 -

There is a COP (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change) meeting every year since the Kyoto Agreement in 1992. This meeting was in Bonn, Germany and it is the 23rd of its kind. This year Fiji, an island nation in the Pacific, presided over the meeting. Climate change and global warming are really important issues for low lying island nations like Fiji because as sea levels rise when global warming happens their islands can be flooded and remain underwater.


If a tiny nation like Fiji can show leadership on a global issue like climate change then a small community like ours can play its part in helping to reduce greenhouse gasses. Here are ten ways we can all help -

In summary these are
1. Reduce, reuse and recycle
2. Use less heat
3. Replace your lightbulbs, use long life CFL bulbs instead
4. Drive less/drive smart
5. Buy energy efficient products
6. Use less hot water
7. Use the off-switch
8. Plant a tree
9. do an energy audit, maybe your energy provider can do one for free for you.
10. Encourage others to conserve

A year later Greta Thunberg addressed the COP24 conference. She has gone on to be a global symbol of youth activism and an outspoken advocate for all matters Green. She has shown us that no one is too small to make a difference. Greta continues her school strike each and every Friday to ask governments to act against climate change.

This year there are two COP meetings. COP26 will take place in Scotland and we will follow with interest the ideas put forward and the decisions made on the biggest challenge our planet faces, climate change. The second COP meeting is COP15, the UN Convention on Biodiversity, it is taking place in October 2021. It places emphasis on the importance of protecting nature for all our wellbeing. Here is environmentalist Greta Thunberg joining the dots on why boidiversity is crutial to the survival of our common home -

Here are some symbols of energy conservation you will see when you shop for appliances and electrical goods. They will help you make informed decisions about the energy efficiency of products you buy. Remember, the better the energy efficiency, the better the product is for the planet and it will be cheaper for you in the long run.

We encourage active recycling at home and in school. We join forces with Weee Ireland, to recycle batteries, this battery collection will also benefit LauraLynn Ireland so it is doubly beneficial. If you have old batteries at home please send them into school. We will gladly make sure they are disposed of in a responsible way. Batteries should never be dumped in landfill they are highly toxic, please think before you dump.

Our Green School Committee discussed our move to reusable plastic bottles. We are taking a #passonplastic and in order to stop the use of single use plastic bottles every day in our school everyone now has a reusable bottle. We have calculated that if each of our 127 pupils used the single use plastic bottle they were given each of the 183 days of the school year that amounted to 23,241 disposable bottles. That amount of plastic bottles being thrown away or being recycled was not sustainable. As we are all about sustainability we now have our reusable bottles, which can be recycled at the end of their usability. We think this is a great result for the environment and we are really grateful to everyone who has made this move possible. Thank you to the school community, give yourselves a pat on the back.

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