Discovery Primary Science

We have participated in the Discover Primary Science Programme for as long as we can remember. Actually, to tell the truth, we’ve been participating for so long we cannot remember when we started. We do know that during the 2016/2017 academic year we achieved a Plaque of STEM Excellence by the Science Foundation of Ireland, our first year digitally recording and publishing our work, participating with the aim of achieving the Plaque of STEM Excellence. We were absolutely delighted when we received news of our success. Ms S Mounsey was our teacher leader that year and she was supported by Ms Carey in the digital recording and all our teachers and pupils who worked so hard to gain the award. The following year, 2017/2018, we achieved the award again, and again in 2018/2019. We are always ¬†delighted when the hard work and dedication of our pupils and staff are recognised and rewarded. We hope to engage with the Discover Primary Science Programme again in the future.