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Global Goals Week

Published by Valerie Carey in #Good Health and Well-Being · 26/1/2017 16:28:34

Ms Russell and her class discussed Goal #5, Good Health and Well-Being today. This is a personal goal for us as we try to become Super Troopers and a goal for the United Nations as not everyone enjoys good health and well-being. There are many reasons for this, countries are not all as advanced as ours with access to immunisation and good healthcare. Not everyone is as well educated as us about the benefits of good nutrition, exercise, quality sleep and the power of positive thinking. As we are now more aware of how lucky we are, we are also more aware of how far there is to go to get everyone in our world up to the same standard.
After all that the class practiced a little mindfulness, key to a healthy body is a healthy mind! Then they engaged in some trust games. Trust in ones self and in one's friend is essential for working together and achieving goals, personal goals, group goals and global goals all need trust in order to succeed. Well done everyone, great work!

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