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Parents Association

Parents Association

The SHC Primary School Parents Association

Who are we?

The current SHC Primary School Roscrea Parents Association is comprised of Parents/guardians who offer their time freely and act on a voluntary basis.  We are affiliated to the National Parents Council.  All parents of children attending the Sacred Heart Primary School, Roscrea are entitled and encouraged to participate as members of the Parents Association.

What is our aim?

To encourage parental involvement in school activities and events
To support
the Principal, staff and the Board of Management in a positive manner
To raise funds for various school projects
 To make a difference  at our school

What is our Purpose?

The purpose of the SHC Primary School Roscrea Parents Association is to provide a structure through which parents/guardians of children attending the school can work together for the best possible education of their children.  The SHC Primary School Roscrea Parents Association work with the Principal, staff and the Board of Management to build effective partnership between home and school.

The parents of students of a recognised school may establish and
maintain from among their number, a parents’ association for that
school and membership of that association shall be open to all
parents of that school.   
(Education Act 1998 26(1))

What is our Role?

As per the Education Act of 1998, Section 26(2) the SHC Primary School Roscrea Parents Association shall promote the interests of the students in the SHC Primary School Roscrea in cooperation with the board, Principal, teachers and students and for this purpose may –

Advise the Principal or the board on any matter relating to the school and the Principal or board, as the case may be, shall have regard to any such advise, and

Adopt a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of parents, in consultation with the Principal, in the operation of the school Parents, staff and pupils of the school

Parental Activities:
Courses and classes coordinated and organised by our Home School Liaison Officer take place throughout the year.  In the recent past parents have participated in basic Irish Classes with the view to helping their children with Irish homework.  Also, many of the parents liked participating in the Knitting, crochet and jewellery making classes.

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